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Unit 2 challenges students to discover what it means to be a warrior in their own lives by exploring the lives of individuals whose actions contributed to the championing of human rights for all. Students will understand that overwhelming obstacles, both personal and systematic, can occur in one’s life. Real-world warriors make the decision to face these obstacles head on and persevere through challenges in ways that have a lasting positive impact on themselves and others. Students will explore external and internal conflicts experienced as the real-world warriors persevere against overwhelming odds. By reading a variety of accounts of adolescent and adult real-world warriors who stood up for causes bigger than themselves, students will come to view themselves as individuals who can also champion a cause for the good of others and themselves.

                                                                                                                               Synopsis written by the District of Columbia Public Schools

Warrior Self

Part I: I am Home


Warrior Self

Part II: The Stories of South Carolina Run LiKE Rivers


At the End of the Day

The Times

The Almost Friends

The Right Way to Speak

The Candy Lady

South Carolina at War

The Training 

The Blanket

Miss Bell and the Marchers

How to Listen # 2

Hair Night

Family Names

American Dreams

The Fabric Store


The Leavers

The Beginning of the Leavers

As a child, I smelled the Air

Harvest Time

Grown Folk Stories


How to Listen # 3

  Warrior Self

Part II continued: The Stories of South Carolina Run LiKE Rivers


My Mother Leaving Greenville

Halfway Home # 1

My Mother Look Back on Greenville

The Last Fireflies


Sterling High School, Greenville


The Stories Cora Tells 

Hall Street 


How I Learned the Days of the Week


What God Knows

Two Gods, Two Worlds

New Playmates

Down the Road

God's Promise

The Other Infinity

Sometimes No Words are Needed

The Letter

One Morning, Late Winter

New York Baby

Leaving Greenville


      Warrior Self

Part III: Followed the Sky's Mirrowed Constellation to Freedom

New York City

Brookyn, New York

Herzl Street

The Johnny Pump


Caroline But We Called

Her Aunt Kay, Some Memories

Moving Again

Composition Notebook

On Paper

Saturday Morning 


First Grade

Another Kingdom Hall


Because We're Witnesses

Brooklyn Rain

Another Way



Uncle Robert



Off Key

Eve and the Snake

      Warrior Self

Part III continued: Followed the Sky's Mirrowed Constellation to Freedom

Our Father Fading Away

Halfway Home # 2

The Paint Eater


Baby in the House

Going Home Again


Home Again to Hall Street

Mrs. Hughes's House

How to Listen # 4

Field Service

Sunday Afternoon on the Front Porch

Home Then Home Again

      Warrior Self

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