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My Hero Self 

This unit will challenge students to explore the concept of heroism from various vantage points. Through a thorough study of fiction and non-fiction texts, students will analyze the hero’s journey narrative pattern. Next, students will discuss how an author’s treatment of heroism in literature encourages greater good. Finally, students will critique the heroic archetype in literature by studying the hero’s journey narrative pattern will conclude the year’s thematic study of human resilience as it recounts an individual’s tale of navigating challenges and eventual triumph.   At the conclusion of the unit, students will have gained the understanding that a hero, both real and fictitious, (a) does not have to fit a mold and (b) that a hero’s journey can inspire others. Students will also demonstrate their understanding of the hero’s journey by crafting their own hero’s journey story using media of their own selection.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Synopsis District of Columbia Public Schools

Required Nightly Readings  

                                          Please be prepared to Analyze and Summarize during class

The Ear.jpg
The Ear.jpg

chapter Twenty-Eight: p. 208-214

chapter Twenty-Nine: p. 215-221

chapter Thirty: p. 222-229

chapter Thirty-One: p. 230-241

chapter Thirty-Six p. 28-35

chapter Thirty-Two: p. 236-241

chapter Thirty-Seven p. 271-278

chapter Thirty-Three: p. 242-248

chapter Thirty-Eight p. 279-283

chapter Thirty-Four: p. 249-254

chapter Thirty-Nine p. 284-290

chapter Thirty-Five p. 255-263

chapter Forty p. 291-298

The Ear.jpg
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